Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping Your Sense of Humour

We have already accepted that time is an illusory concept (if you haven't, I'd get on that). We define a new year hoping to wash away all the things we fucked up the past year and start anew. The New Year starts and not even two months into it, you realize you've already fucked up. It's fine. Time is an illusion. Restart the New Year again. Reset. I declare Feb 5th a new year! So happy new year to us!

As shit happens, it’s important to keep a sense of humor through it all. And be happy! Holy crap, we suck at being happy. I once saw a YouTube Uploader categorize a bunch of his music as “DepressiveMusic”. What the fuck? Why do we take such pleasure in being miserable?

And a word of advice, if you will allow it: don’t settle for less just because you feel alone and miserable. Funny story, but one of my guy friends likes to cuddle and misses doing that when he doesn’t have a girlfriend. We once started out a conversation with him saying, “Promise me you won’t make fun of me?”

And I replied, “OMG…I’ll try.”

He said: “Ok, well I just feel like cuddling with someone. Don’t tell me you don’t like sitting on somebody’s lap once in a while?”

Now, because he is a pretty big guy, I replied: “What I want to know is whose lap you’ve sat on…and did that person survive it?”

The point (apart from calling my friend fat) is that we are at our most vulnerable when we feel like this. This is when we start accepting the kind of love we don’t deserve.

And while we are still talking about men wanting to cuddle: I think we need to remove any gender stereotypes that are applicable to the female species. We are often accused of being needy, indecisive, insecure or over analytical. When a man does one or more of those things, he is labeled a ‘vagina’. Personally, being a dick is much worse than being a vagina. I don’t feel too strongly about this point, so I’m not going to harp on it. But seriously, stop saying shit like “You’re such a chick” as if it’s a bad thing.

 And to conclude my series of random thoughts: always try to find that one funny thing that will lighten up the entire day for you. Today, for example, my manager told me about the name of a Chinese restaurant in Jeffersonville, Indiana that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, if it weren't owned by a cute, warm chinese family. The name could be borderline offensive, but it is also fucking hilarious. Can you guess what the name of the restaurant is?

Click the link below to find out. It made my day:

We'll end with a Calvin and Hobbes strip because, as always, it captures the essence of life:


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